Kendra's Coloring Book


  1. Select a picture
    1. From the main page, press on Pictures.
    2. A list of pictures will be shown from which to select.
      From this list, you can:
      • Preview all of the pictures available.
      • Click on a picture to select it for coloring.
      Once you have selected a picture, the coloring page will appear.
  2. Color your picture
    This is what a typical coloring page will look like:

    Within the coloring page, you can operate within the following regions of the page:
    1. Color Selector
      The color selector is where you select your desired color by clicking on the color shown. Once you do that, the color box will show that it is selected.
    2. Coloring Region
      Once a color has been selected from the color selector, you can click anywhere within the coloring region. The picture will update to show the color that you added to the picture.
    3. Mix Selector
      The mix selector allows you to mix the selected color with the color in the picture where you click. For example, if you have the mix selector selected and you choose the color black, and then click on a white region, the new color in that selected region will be gray (white mixed with black). Here is a color mixing chart.
    4. Option Buttons
      At any time, you can press one of the option buttons:
      • Clear
        This option will clear the current picture of all the colors and start over.
      • Undo
        This option will undo a color that you have recently selected on the picture.
      • Enter
        This option will only appear when you are on the monthly coloring contest page. Once you enter your name and age (optional) in the spaces provided, and click this button, then the current picture will be entered in the monthly coloring contest.
Additional Notes
  1. Anyone is welcome to submit a picture for the coloring book. We would be glad to use it. Black and White outlined images are desired. Send them to